Frank de Wit

Born in the big city of Johannesburg, South Africa, Frank spent his early years in the rural town of Klerksdorp. He was the second of three siblings, and grew up in the Dutch Reformed Church. He is married to Ronel, and has four wonderful children; Johan, Lara, Reynhardt, and Clarinda.

franks-familyFrank’s father has played a significant role in his life. especially since his dad came to the realization that the dogma of the Dutch Reformed Church regarding it’s support of Apartheid was in error. This insight has been very influential in Frank’s life and his relationship with the black community.

Frank works for the Gold Mining company, Anglogold Ashanti, where he has been for the last 19 years. Trained as an engineer, his responsibilities include legal and operational issues, and recently, with business development and leadership training.

As a result of his work, Frank spends a considerable amount of time away from home, traveling all over Africa. In the countries he has visited, he has met people who he describes as “wonderful followers of our big brother, Jesus Christ.” He has had the joy of getting to know many people in Ghana, Mali, Tanzania and Guinea, as loves them as his own brothers.

Frank and his family are now members of a DRC congregation in Mogale City.  This congregation strives to reach across the divide between the races in South Africa. As a result of his father’s profound influence, and his experiences with many cultures in his work travels, Frank’s shares this passion.frank-w-gauda

As an elder responsible for outreach, he has developed close, mutually supportive relationships with local black congregations, especially with the Munsieville Uniting Reformed Church of South Africa congregation. He is continually astounded by how much Munsieville URCSA  can do with so little. “They simply do not let their dreams die just because it might only come after several years of hope,” Frank says, because “God is at work, and He surprises people!”