the-face-of-hungerThe Need: This little guy is an orphan whose parents died of AIDS. He needs proper nutritional care, a safe, nurturing environment, and skilled mental and physical stimulation if he is to have a chance at life. At the same time, full service Early Child Development facilities are simply not available for children like him.

Our Response: Bring him the help and services he needs right into the neighborhood where he lives. Perhaps literally into the house next door.

By giving parents professional teacher training in pre-school educational methods, and supplying them with ECD curriculum and materials, you can help give this child, and potentially thousands like him, a fighting chance.

We’ve taken an innovative approach: by training parent-teachers, providing professional supervision and generating community support. The goal?

  • A safe and nurturing home environment for volunerable children
  • A stimulating physical and mental curriculum
  • Parents trained as teachers, with the skills desperately needed in South Africa
  • The potential for a brighter future 

The Champion: Pastor Bradley of Hilton Church in Aliwal North provides the leadership and management for Emmanuel’s Home-based initiative. Other important partners include Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary, Caring Clowns International, and North Point Church, all from the USA. Additional funding comes from numerous South African sources.

How you can help: Each Home-based class Pastor Bradley opens costs approximately $500 for parent-teacher training, upgrades needed to provide a safe home environment, curriculum, and necessary educational supplies. Give another child a place to grow and learn by donating now.