Working together to make a difference… one child at a time

what You can do

give the young, vulnerable children of South Africa’s disadvantaged communities a chance to transform their lives through education, healthcare and hope.  Read more…

how You can do it

become partners with like-minded people who want to make a difference. Side by Side forms partnerships between compassionate people like you, and dynamic, effective community leaders in South Africa. If you choose to contribute to our efforts, we keep you informed of needs in South Africa, and offer you an opportunity to give a child a chance at life. Read more..

what Side by Side does

we identify a South African Champion: a leader with a commitment to transforming their impoverished community through early child education and community services, a passion to make it happen, and demonstrated management skills to maintain the effort. Read more…

what You help Champions do

  • open Community Centers
  • establish Early Childhood Educational facilities
  • operate DayCare centers
  • run Adult educational and outreach programs
  • provide Supplemental nutritional supplies for malnourished children
  • build Community water projects
  • grow Community vegetable gardens
  • partner with South African and American churches.

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Winter in South Africa

Hemispherically and meteorologically speaking, if such a thing is even possible, North America is behind the times. We are just now gearing up for Jack Frost’s blast, but South Africa’s winter has already come and gone. For us, the coming chill will be warded off with...

New Name, New Website!

We wanted you to be among the first to know. We’ve redesigned Second Table Ministries’ website, and integrated it with our FaceBook page and Newsletter. As part of our new approach, we’ve also renamed our web site SideBySide to make it easier for new visitors to...

Meet the Champion of Aliwal North

We have some great news about your partnership with Second Table Ministries and Emmanuel Early Childhood Development Center in Aliwal North, whose Champion is Pastor Bradley Stoffels. Bradley's new  Early Child Development Home-based pilot project has begun to...

Breaking News from South Africa

I have some very encouraging news about Second Table Ministries' project in Aliwal North, South Africa. Our partner and Champion, Pastor Bradley, has made real progress in getting his community involved in Emmanuel Educare. An important component of Bradley's success...

A few thoughts on charity

Hello fellow STM'rs, Here's a few mental crumbs for you to nibble on as you work your way through the day. You've heard the saying, charity starts at home, right? Well, if we view the world as God does, then "home" is as much South Africa as it is the street where you...

Joel Skellie

Hello! My name is Joel Skellie. My wife, Patty and I are the newest members of the Second Table Ministries family. Because you're a friend and partner of STM, I want to introduce myself and tell you a bit about my new role with this wonderful organization.  ...

Facebook Posts

September 2017 Reflections (Part 2 of 2)

You Matter!

I sit in a side room while Ambassadors in Women’s Health make a Game-Changer for Girl’s presentation. There simply isn’t enough space in the crowded shack for me to sit anywhere else. Sitting here ‘blind’ I am more acutely tuned to what I hear. I have heard this presentation so many times I know what they are talking about even though I can’t see them and they are talking in the local Sotho.

It would be acceptable to zone out and let my thoughts wander, but I will never get used to the questions that surface in this safety between girls and women. Questions about STDs, pregnancies, and even rape, always make my own heart ache for these girls living in desperate circumstances.

In South Africa, young women living in low income urban townships are probably the most threatened demographic. Certainly, they have the highest rates of HIV infection of any other demographic group. In the face of skewed cultural expectations, high levels of sexual and other violence, severe economic challenges and difficulty accessing opportunity, teenage girls are also often the ones who pick up slack as caregivers where their parents’ generation is increasingly absent due to seeking work and succumbing to AIDS and poverty related illnesses. Childhood innocence is under siege.

Game-Changer for Girls is all about telling girls, “You matter.” “You matter enough for us to come and tell you. You matter enough that women as far away as the USA have spent hours making beautiful things for you. You matter so much that people all over are willing to make a gift just to send this message to you:


~Melani, South Africa Country Co-Directors
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September 2017 Reflects (Part 1 of 2

Problems with the Education System

So, what exactly is the problem with the education system? Crowded classrooms? Insufficient technology. Lack of resources? Inferior facilities? …?

By these and most other indicators I work in the worst possible conditions. No lights, concrete floors, two bums to a chair when there are any, certainly no insulation regardless of heat or cold. (We’re happy when we have the luxury of ventilation.) Forget tablets and techno, these kids often covet the ballpoint pen we hand out to sign the register.

BUT, I wouldn’t trade my classroom for any another!

There isn’t a teacher I know who wouldn’t envy this classroom full of eager teenage girls. Listening intently, pelting us with questions, erupting in giggles at the teacher’s antics, engaging with the topic, this is where knowledge truly enlightens the soul and lives are changed one class at a time.

~Melani, South Africa Country Co-Director
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9/16/17 The Poulsbo Chapter of Days for Girls volunteers were busy making kits - some of which will end up in South Africa for our Side by Side "Game-Changer for Girls" pilot project. Everyone has their job ... working in harmony like a fine-oiled machine. ... See MoreSee Less

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